Thogchag amulets.

Thogchag Tibetan amulet.
The name of the Thogchag amulets litteraly mean "sky-iron" because of the past some of the original Thogchag amulets were made of meteoritic iron.
Nowaday the Thogchag are amulets made of metal (mostly bronze and iron),
made by some special men and women, and sometime later blessed by Lama.
Thogchag amulets can have various shapes:

- Ritual items (Dorje, Phurba, Melong...)
- Tantric deity (Chana Dorje, Garuda, Citipati)
- Mantra plates & so on ...
Tibetan see Thogchag as powerfull protective amulets and wear them as pendants,
Gold sometime also add them to their Mala.