Grand Pa Yant Roop Lor portrait of the Most Venerable LP Puth of Wat Klang Bang Phra.



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Grand Pa Yant portrait Roop Lor
du Most Venerable LP Puth from Wat Klang Bang Phra (Nakhon Pathom)
Beautiful Pa Yant with an image of the Most Venerable Luang Phor Puth
sitting in lotus and doing the mudra of the absence of fear (abhaya-mudrā).
The Very Venerable LP Puth was known for his extreme courage
and for its ability to train even ferocious animals.
Among other extraordinary stories,
he tamed a big man-eating crocodile
by simply going to see him in the river:
The crocodile immediately followed him and then lived
peacefully in the temple for years!
So Pa Yant sacred cloth, which symbolizes the courage of LP Puth
are the two grenades and assault rifle under his image!
(VERY unusual on a Thai Buddhist monk portrait!)
Also on this Pa Yant sacred cloth images of the standing Buddha,
de the fortune goddess Mae Nang Kwak and the Protective Buddha Phra Pidta.
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Height: 54 cm.
Width: 38 cm.