Superb green naga eye crystal pendant.



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Superb sacred stone ball Tah Paya Nag "eye of the Nāgas",
of apple green color.

The Eyes of the Nâgas crystals are sacred stones
sometimes found in geodes along the Mekong.

These sacred stones are related to the phenomenon called Bang Fae Paya Nag:
Every year, "fireballs" come out silently from the river
and go up to heaven. These fireballs would be according to tradition
spit by the Nâgas.
This beautiful specimen of naga eye of a rare color,
is offered in a decorated silver colored ornated reliquary.
According to tradition, wearing an "eye of the Nâgas" attracts benevolence
and the blessings of the spirits of the waters and protects against any dangers related
to this element (flood, drowning, cold-type illness ...).
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Diameter: 25 mm.
Weight: 38 gr.
Customized reliquary: Yes.