Blessed quartz statue of Buddha Phra Naphrok - Wat Samian Naree.


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Quartz statue of the Buddha Phra Naphrok (the Buddha under the King of the Nagas) blessed at Wat Samian Naree (Bangkok).

This exceptional statue of Phra Naphrok quartz is part
of a limited series of 19 pieces that has been dedicated in 2012
at the end of the rainy season retreat.
Under the base of this statue, we find 3 Yant Kropetch on copper.

Given its transparency, if one placed this rock crystal statue on an altar,
with a little lighting behind, it will be a superb central piece.

NB: this statue has been repaired on its rear part,
the collage is solid and invisible from the front.

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Height: 26 cm.
Width: 15 cm.
Weight: 2.8kg / XNUMX lbs.