Kae Payanag Nagas egg made of alchemical glass - Lek Lai Geow.



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Rare "eggs of the Nagas" Kae Payanag made of alchemical glass Lek Lai Geow.
Rare sacred object blessed at Wat Phu Manorom (Mukdahan).
All of this "eggs of the Nagas" are manufactured once every 3 years
at Wat Phu Manorom, at a special ceremony
at the foot of the giant statue of Nâgas (120 meters long!)
which is in this temple.
At this ceremony, the glass balls that are offered by the faithful
(in two pools of blessed water Nam Mön located
on either side of the statue of Nâgas, see photo)
are melted and mixed with various sacred substances,
to make these exceptional "eggs of the Nagas".
During my visit, I was surprised to find that the water of these two basins were abnormally hot (certainly these basins are in the sun, and it was hot that day, but the water of the basins was burning hot for no physical reason).
Note that during my visit, the ceremony was held only a few weeks earlier, which allowed me to have the chance
to get some of these sacred objects.
These rare alchemical glass eggs of the Nagas are known
to attract the blessings of the spirits of the waters where they are kept.

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Width: 60 mm.
Diameter: 30 mm.
Weight: 50 gr.