The amulets of goddess Guan Yin.

The amulets of Goddess Guan Yin.
(+ the amulets of various forms of Avalokiteshvara).

Amulets of Guan Yin are relatively uncommon in Thailand
and are mainly blessed by Chinese temples and monks.
Guan Yin help all those who need it,
especially by water, demons, fire and sword.
She is the protector of children and fishermen.
Guan Yin is known to release prisoners from their chains,
to deprive the serpents of their venom, and to stop the lightning.
She knows how to cure almost all diseases.
If you wear an amulet Guan Yin and that we desire his assistance,
it is best to adopt a vegetarian diet.
In Thailand, people who believe in Guan Yin
abstain for the most part from eating
of beef and are strictly vegetarian
that during the 10 days of
"Vegetarian Festival" which takes place every year in September / October.

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