"Sandalwood" fragrant blessed oil.


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"Sandalwood" fragrant blessed oil
to feed the amulets Lak-Yom and seeds Rudraksha.
Can also be used for rituals and to perfume the beads of a wooden mala.
(vial of 100 ml)


Testimonial from a customer about this oil:

I forgot to talk to you about oil.
I ordered you two bottles of sandalwood oil.
When I used one of the bottles, the amount of oil from the other bottle
still closed decreased simultaneously.
In fact these flasks were placed on a small Ganesh tablecloth
that a "friend" had offered me.
Since I removed the tablecloth and got rid of it,
the phenomenon no longer occurs but in addition the amount of oil
of the bottle is raised.
I have used oil for seeds many other times
and I did not have this phenomenon anymore. Like what this consecrated oil
can help on many levels.