Roop Lor amulets (Venerable monks pictures).

Roop Lor amulets (images of Venerable Masters).

Roop Lor amulets (in Thai their name mean "Nice pictures")
are portrait of famous Venerable (contemporary or from the past).
They can be medals, amulets or even temple banknotes.
Quite often such amulets countain relics of the Venerable on the picture.
The relic can be a piece of his monk robe (Gee Won relic)
or some hairs from him (Guessah relict).
The fact to wear an amulet with the image of a Master
is a way to receive his blessings & protection, and also to remember him
as an example to follow in your Dharma practice.
In this section are offered Thai amulets but also Tibetan amulets showing portraits of some famous Tibetan Lama.
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