Krishna (Phra Krissana).

The amulets of Krishna
(Thai: Phra Krissana).
Krishna is the 8th avatar of Vishnu
and one of the most revered God of Hinduism.
Lord Krishna is a complex god, with many aspects such as

- Baby-Krishna : The story of Krishna as a kid are a very popular theme
and are said to be countain many esoteric secrets.
Krishna as a sheperd: Krishna is the sacred protector of sheperds
(his brother Balarama is the protector of farmers.)
Krishna is often pictured while playing flute and seducing the Gopi.
According to some tradition Krishna is an "Avatari", or the source of all avatars.
Even Vishnu become an avatar of his own avatar ...
Krishna is the first God to teach Dharma & Yoga to human beings.