Our Karma Yoga.

This section called Karma-Yoga from the shop of Buddhas-magic.com
is meant to share with our clients amulets
at a deliberately "very tight" price to simply share
the blessings of the Masters and inspires the practice of the Dharma
without real profit.
It is for us the application of what is written in the The Bhagavad Gita :
"You have the right to action, but only to action and never to its fruits;
let the fruits of your action be your motive. "
We are aware that many visitors of our website do not have the mean
(and / or the desire) to spend a lot of money
in sacred objects related to their spiritual life.
And it is simple to observe that often alas, these same people end up
being scammed and buying fake amulets
on various websites offering them for a "small price"
(But alas still far too high given the chinese junk they sell!).
The sacred amulets and objects of this section Karma-Yoga
will be offered at the maximum price of 14.99 €.
As much as possible, they will be amulets
having a wide range of different "powers".