Cord blessed Sai Sin - Venerable LP Sao.


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Multicolored Sai-Sin cord,
blessed by the Venerable LP Sao of Wat Rat Sanoon (Lamluka).
Transmits the blessings and protection of Venerable Luang Phor Sao.
According to the testimonies I received, this protection seems to be particularly active during the night and give a good sleep
and peaceful dreams to those who wear them, or even to protect them
during their dreams if a nightmare comes up!

Customer Testimonials from
on Sai Sin bracelets from LP Sao

Testimony N ° 1:
I was a little while ago offered a protection bracelet from your site ...
and the night I put the bracelet on, I had a very special dream, or I was in
a street and the aliens were attacking (yes I have strange dreams ...).

I saw that I could project a yellow halo protector of my right wrist
(where is the bracelet). This halo was strong enough to protect my comrades in addition to myself. I also noticed the bracelet
had reinforced me on my root that was a little tangent these days.

Testimony N ° 2:
I offered the bracelet sai sin to my son (the small wire bracelet of LP Sao).
I had not given him any information on the usefulness of the bracelet.
I just said it was a Buddhist bracelet blessed by a monk.
In the night he dreamed that he was being assaulted by negative beings,
and that he carried in his hand an orange shield which protected him against them.

Testimony N ° 3:
I received the order and thank you very much for the
blessing bracelet. For some time my daughter had some nightmares and she told me that she has not done any since she wears it.

Testimony N ° 4:
I also had the pleasure of receiving from you two bracelets
of blessing of the Venerable LP SAO.

I put a bracelet in the children's room: I have three.
They had a little restless sleep sometimes.
Since then, all the nights are going well and they
sleep a full night, complete without nightmares.
They are truly soothed.