Ring of Alchemy power containing a part of Lohid - Wat Sakai.


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Ancient series of alchemical alloy power rings
containing a part of Lohid performed in the 80 years
at Wat SaKai by Most Venerable LP Dooh
and other monks disciples of the Very Venerable LP See
from remnants of alchemical metal from
fabrications of rings of the Very Venerable LP See.
Wearing an amulet or ring containing Lohid
allows the formation of a protective aura around the body (this is actually the natural Aura, which is strongly reinforced by the Lohid).

It is a powerful protection both at the physical level (accidents)
only at the esoteric level (against black magic and evil entities)
It's also a very good ring to help practice
and the development of Siddhi (supernatural powers).
To do this the ring in Lohid first takes care of the energy
of the body of its wearer, so do not be surprised to feel
a slight fatigue
and to have more appetite if you wear such a Talisman.
When fully charged, the Lohid becomes shiny like Gold
(or sometimes a copper color or even silver depending on the wearer),
it is to my knowledge the only metal to oxidize only
if you do not wear it and quickly become shiny
when put in contact with a human body!

(see this image taken by a customer of the site)
Note that we can very well wear this ring pendant,
the effect will be the same as long as it is in direct contact with the skin.

These rings of power are all engraved with Yant
and also bear the seal of authenticity of Wat Sakai.

Available in 2 diameters:
20.5 millimetres.
21 millimetres.


Customer testimonials on these rings:

N ° 1: I received the ring I ordered.
It's really an amazing object!

As soon as I put it for the first time
it started to heat up significantly,

which could not be attributed to unusual ductility.
Moreover, in the space of one night she became completely golden.
But these aspects, perhaps explicable by a physicist, are not those which surprised me the most; which is really interesting,
and that motivated me to write to you,

it is the particular energetic presence of this ring.
I immediately felt that she "calibrated" on my subtle body and gave it a very pleasant appeasement. This ring is for me one of the most amazing acquisitions among the excellent items
that you sold me.

N ° 2: Hello this little message to thank you for sending the ring with a lohid share, I received it very quickly, and your gifts is perfect. I am very happy with my purchase, this ring is fantastic and authentic, the change of colors is incredible, the object itself emits very particular vibrations. it has already found its place on my finger and after two days the gain of energy and serenity is how to say, "palpable". With the Reiki care the ring "heats" enormously and yet the temperature does not rise more than that, it's weird to describe. It is certainly one of the most interesting objects that I have been able to buy these last years, I wanted to thank you for it.
best regard

N ° 3: I received my package today, I wear the ring with a part of Lohid since this afternoon, she has already begun to change color, she turns to walleye, and above all it provides an indisputable energy support! , being medium and very sensitive to very high frequency energies, it allows me to feel as if I had been meditating for several hours, I used to meditate in Samadhi, and although I entered samadhi in 3 minutes while it takes me a good hour to be totally absorbed in pure consciousness.
I could feel the presence of Master LP Dooh for a moment.
I feel in great peace and this sacred ring is an invaluable treasure for people who are truly grounded
in a real regular practice.
Many thanks again for this exceptional acquisition!