Antique Tibetan Dzi beads.

The ancient Tibetan Dzi beads.

Learn more about Tibetan Dzi beads and their legends.

The Tibetan beads of these pages are all authentic ancient Tibetan Dzi,
from Tibetan people living in Nepal.
Each piece is obviously unique and the supply of this section of the site
is irregular and random.
I do not have history on these Dzi, indeed the Tibetans
NEVER kept accurate traces of the origin of their protective beads.
Dzi vendors offering such historical stories simply invent them,
you are of course free to believe their "beautiful stories",
and then believe that you buy
"5000 years old Dzi", or "the Dzi of a legendary Lama"
and pay the (high) price of being gullible.
Use your common sense and ask yourself
to offer for years & years hundreds of "rare" Dzi
and even downright "legendary" beads!
Frankly all that they lack certificates of authenticity signed by Milarepa
(in PDF format) ...
As far as I am concerned here I propose Dzi and Tibetan beads
aged from 50 to 200 years,
and I already have a hard time
I offer my travels my wide network of Tibetan friends
and the time I spend in research ...
Also on this page you will find various ancient Tibetan beads
that are not Dzi beads.