Dagger / Sacred Stylet - Venerable Ajarn Deng


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Dagger / Magic Stylus Phra Karn by the Venerable Ajarn Deng
The blade of these stylets is made of a very ductile Alchemical alloy,
when used to draw yant/ pentacles it is normal that it wears out.

We can also use these daggers in the realization of theblessed water Nam Mön

The amulets adorning the top of these Phra Karn are they made of copper.

Each piece is unique, are available:
Phra Phrom (Brahma)
Phra Pikane (Ganesh)

(please specify by Email the desired model when ordering)

Rare opportunity to obtain an Alchemical dagger
performed by a famous Master.
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Height: 15 cm.
Weight: 28 gr.