Amulets of Ganesh (Phra Pikanet).

Amulets of the God-elephant Ganesh (Thai: of Phra Pikanet).
Ganesh (Also called Ganesha et Ganapati)
Hinduism the God that advert obstacles.
He is also the God of wisdom, intelligence
and the Holy Protector of Schools and Knoledge Workers.
Ganesh is the first son of Shiva and Parvati, it is a benevolent and friendly god, often showing smiling, dancing, writing or even eating cakes!
There are many different aspects of Ganesh,
and the number of his arms & heads can greatly vary
(especially if we speak about some of his more secret tantric forms.).
The worship of Ganesh is easy, because of his nature.
He willingly accept the devotion and offerings of people who pray him.
This explain why the cult of Ganesh is so popular all around Asia.
One can pray Ganesh and wear pictures and amulets of Ganesh to advertise obstacles, attract wealth and facilitate any situation.
Ganesh also greatly facilitates study and any intellectual work.
It is also a God who like and help artists of all kinds.