Tibetan Amulet Sungkhor Dorje Dermo - Attracts men and women.



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Amulet Dtagrol Boutique Sungkhor Dorje Dermo.
This model of amulet was extracted by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
of a spiritual treasure terma discovered by the famous Tertön Chogkyur Déchen Lingpa (1829 -1870).

The deity invoked is Dorje Dermo "the claw of Vajra", an angry dakini.
This amulet spreads the obstacles and attracts the bearer
people of the opposite sex for whom he has a desire.

If a man wears this amulet, he must hang it by the blue cord.
If a woman wears this amulet, she must hang it by the red cord
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Height : 70 mm.
Width: 60 mm.
Weight: 6 gr.