Kee Phung Mahasane Magic Charm Cream - Wat Traimit



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Charming magic cream Kee Phung Mahasane blessed to Wat Traimit.
This magic cream is specifically intended to render
a charming and desirable woman, it should NOT be used by a man
(and whatever his sexual orientation)
To use this cream of charm, just put a tiny amount
on your eyelids and your lips, neither ritual nor prayer.

This cream exists in 2 presentations:
- in plastic box decorated with a portrait of Geisha a little kitsh
(and a woman-shaped imprint in the cream)

- in a ceramic box decorated with blue flowers in the shape of a heart,
with in various amulets
(takut, Couple Inn, Pla Tapian fish)
In both cases the cream itself is the same,
only the container changes.