The amulets of Bhairava (Phra Pirab / Mahakala).

The amulets of Bhairava.
(Thai : Phra Pirab, Tibetan: Mahakala).
Bhairava (
also called Bhairo, Bhairon or Bhairadya) is a wrathful deity worshipped both by Hindu and Buddhists. it is a monstrous form of Shiva, depicted holding the fifth head of Brahma in his hands.
In Tantric Buddhism, Bhairava (under its various forms such as Mahakala, heruka, Yamantaka et Vajrabhairava) is a fierce Dharmapala protector.
He is known to tranform anger and hate into comprehension.
Amulets of Bhairava are very powerful protections,
they can protect from accidents, weapons, black magic,
ghosts or any illness.

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