Large Relic Stone Buddha Amulet - Hermit Phra Siwali



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Large relic stone Buddha amulets H Phra Siwali
sculpted and blessed by a Hermit Phra Siwali.
These amulets were carved by a forest monk from stones
Hin Phra Siwali from sacred caves in the Udon Thani area.
This type of relic-stone is considered a relic of awakened beings from the distant past, the tradition ensures that these stones can grow with time.
(I have witnessed it myself).
Such an amulet is very sacred and precious, it is both a very ancient relic, a sacred stone and an image of the Buddha blessed by a hermit following the ancient tradition of the monks of the forest.
Proposed in a waterproof reliquary filled with sacred oil.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Diameter: 50 mm approx.
Weight: 35 gr approx.
Custom waterproof reliquary: Yes.