Curiosity: Ancient Thogchag: Pair of Statue Earrings!



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Unusual thogchag :
A pair of bronze "statue earrings",
which seems about 50 years old.
Tibetans wear Thogchag amulets
a little all object in ancient bronze, sometimes even old usual objects become amulets (for example old harness buckles) simply because very old and discovered in the ground
near a stupa for example.
Here we have a beautiful example of a sacred object diverted from its original use.
These bronze earrings probably adorned a statue of a Buddha (Tsépamé? Guru Rinpoche?) That no longer exists
and have been recycled into amulets.
I propose here these two "earrings"
as ancient Tibetan curiosities.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Height : 65 mm.
Width: 22 mm.
Weight (the pair): 35 gr.