Alchemical glass

Amulets made of alchemical glass.
The alchemical glass (Thai: Met Rae) is obtained by heating strongly
a type of rare stone found in the Uttharadit region.
The Ajarn who make amulets in this sacred material
what is a sacred art alas disappearing.

Here is black alchemical glass, in its raw state on its original stone.
alchemical glass
Another sample of raw alchemic glass, light green in color.
alchemical glass
A piece of raw black alchemical glass.

The alchemical glass Met Rae is a sacred substance
that protects against black magic and will make his wearer invulnerable
to venomous animals.
The selection of amulets made of alchemical glass
on comes directly from Uttharadit
and is of the highest quality available.