Thai amulets by Most Venerable Ajarn Sané.

Thai amulets and sacred objects by Most Venerable Ajarn Sané.
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Before ordering the amulets of Venerable Ajarn Sané, please keep in mind
that these amulets were made by one by one who is over 90 years old,
from a natural material and therefore that each piece is unique.
The photos on this page are not "contractual"
there are sometimes rather strong variations from one item to another.

Please also note that you will receive Tiger Palat Kick the general prayer concerning them,
but there is no "special" prayer for each type of sacred wood.

When I say for example Tiger Palat Kick is good for the development of paranormal power, it is the contact with this Sacred wood that gives this effect,
There is no ritual or special prayer for this use.